Morty’s nodes has been helping decentralize networks since june 2019. In this time we’ve helped test and contributed where possible to the smooth operations of several networks. Currently you can lease, stake or delegate to us on the following networks:

  • TurtleNetwork ($TN): mortys.node or 3JfSdQxjJn8xReJ73LZg7FTfB6TaXG5qHot
    • Automated payouts every 10,000 blocks, currently the biggest node on the network
    • 10% commission
  • Waves Enterprise ($WEST): Morty’s Node or 3NmDCwY6oi2yu7EMDNqmnJvy7ZLAK76hFgy
    • Automated payouts every 10,000 blocks
    • 10% commission
  • StrongBlock ($STRONG): Morty’s Node (we have several of those running)
    • Morty’s Node was the first node on the StrongBlock environment
  • Oriachain ($ORAI): mortys_node or oraivaloper16e6cpk6ycddk6208fpaya7tmmardhvr7h40yqy
    • 7% commission
  • Sentinel ($DVPN): Mortys_Node or sentvaloper1v57vmu2w4tvc48acmqeqe3hkat6dk4v8enr0hc
    • 2.5% commission
  • Decentr ($DEC): mortys_node
    • Currently in Testnet

Contact us at: