Yes, we’ve jumped on the WEST bandwagon as well. With the announcement of the 1.2.2 upgrades to the node-code and improved mining returns we’ve started exploring the details and started playing around with setting up a node.

Well today it’s happened, we got our license and the node is operational as of about 30 minutes ago.

For now we don’t expect there to be very high results from tx fee’s as the network is not yet used that much. Therefor we will be doing monthly 90% payout’s for now. If tx fee’s increase quickly we will do the same bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) payouts as with the TN node.

So if your interested in leasing your WEST to us, feel free to lease to:

Morty’s Node 3NmDCwY6oi2yu7EMDNqmnJvy7ZLAK76hFgy

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