Lease $TN from your WAVES wallet

$TN has been around on the Waves Dex for quite some time now and chances are big you have a small (or large) bag in your wallet doing nothing (or waiting for your sell orders to be filled).

Instead of letting it sit there doing nothing you can easily make profit from those bags.

I’ll give you detailed instructions on how to get those $TN make profit for you by leasing them to our node.

1. Create a TurtleNetwork wallet

Head over to and create a new wallet. If you already have a wallet you can skip this step.

1. Click ‘New Account’
2. Remember to save your seed!

2. Move your $TN to your new TurtleNetwork wallet

Now that you’ve created your new TurtleNetwork wallet we need to move your $TN from your WAVES wallet to here. To do that we need to use a gateway (

3. Make sure you put your own TN wallet address in description
  • Open your WAVES wallet
  • Head over to Wallet -> Portfolio
  • Look up TurtleNode and press Send
  • Enter 3PJ33ZasLyhLaFuK4gHGTFSQbpFBP5Entor in Recipient
  • Enter the desired Amount
  • Enter your own TN wallet address in Description
  • Press Continue

3. Lease your $TN to us

Once you have received the $TN in your TurtleNetwork wallet (shouldn’t take more then a few minutes at most).

4. You can check your transactions by pressing the History button.

Go to the Leasing section of your wallet. Enter our node address (3JfSdQxjJn8xReJ73LZg7FTfB6TaXG5qHot) or alias (mortys.node) in the Recipient part and the amount you want to lease. When your happy with the amount press Lease to start leasing and making profit.

5. Start or stop leasing to nodes from this screen.

If you ever want to stop leasing your $TN you can also easily cancel a lease from this screen.

4. Profit!!

We are doing bi-weekly payouts to all our lessors. 90% of all transactions fees earned during that period will be distributed to our lessors. Check our blog for updates when payouts have been done.

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