1M TN Lease Challenge to Nodes

I am happy to announce that we won Gordob’s 1M TN Lease Challenge!!!

Here’s the official announcement:

1M TN Lease Challenge to Nodes: Winner Announcement
mortys.node has stepped-up to the challenge and is the winner, congrats @rig0rm0rtis.

• Create a Trade bot to make it easier for traders but most importantly increase the volume / number of transactions on the Turtle Network.

• Milestone 1: Working version of the bot that allows trading of all pairs on $TN, including a few (simple) trading strategies.
• Milestone 2: Implement additional strategies, stop-loss functionality, add routines for moving $TN from and to $WAVES wallets (not arbitrage related (for now), but to send and receive TN through the gateways).
• Milestone 3: Add GUI (Web or form based, depending on chosen dev language).

Initial 250k leased, proof: https://explorer.turtlenetwork.eu/address/tx/2TaHNcfdjyUVrfYgTFXVVMFpjSXHJJSRjS6kAw8nAoaU

Good luck


I will update you guys regularly here on the progress of the trader!

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