MortyBot – coming soon

As you might know we’ve won the 1M TN Lease contest a while back (and if not you can check here), and I’ve been hard at work working on the first version of the trader bot. I wanted to give you a quick update on the progress here and what you can expect in the first version.

The idea behind the bot is to increase transactions on the TN network so we can increase profits for nodes and increase volume on trading pairs. A quick way to do this is to create a trading bot for people to use, so they don’t have to manually watch and react to the market.

The bot i’m creating is based on BlackBotTN and SimpleBot with a more robust base (less error prone and better error handling) and combining the strategies used in both.

The first version of the bot will have the following features:

  • GRID trading strategy
  • SCALPING trading strategy
  • Trading of all pairs on TN Network
  • Easily configurable for multiple pairs / uses through config files

Please note, a trading bot can’t guarantee any profits and we cannot take any responsibility for any losses due to trading or use of the bot.

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