MortyBot v0.1 available

As i mentioned a few days ago in the previous post i am working on a trader bot for the $TN network. Well today’s the day, the first version is available online on GitHub here:

This first version includes two trading strategies: GRID and SCALP.

GRID trading sets a fixed (that you can define in the .cfg file) number of buy and sell orders around a set price (you can define if it’s either the last ask, buy or your own price), decreasing / increasing in price according to your set price step. This way if the market moves up your sell orders are hit and if the market moves down your buy orders are hit. For each hit order the bot checks what the trend of the market is and places a new buy or sell order.

SCALP trading works based on the spread of a trading pair. The bot calculates the spread mean price and place a buy order at your defined price step under the spread mean price and a sell order at your defined price step above the spread mean price, that way you earn the difference in those. SCALP trading does work best on trading pairs with a lot of volume because you want to buy and sell quickly in succession.

SCALP trading will use your total balance available in the wallet when trading, so be careful not to use it on your ‘normal’ wallet.

As you know the bot is based on and Some of the improvements I did in regards to these trading bots are:

  • Fixed price calculations to work with current version of pywaves.
  • Integrated a check for your current balances so the bot won’t try to buy or sell what you don’t have.
  • Integrated both trading strategies in one bot.
  • Fixed problems with upper and lowercase entries in the .cfg file (it doesn’t matter how you type it).

If you want to start using the bot i recommend setting up a separate wallet and transfer a small amount of funds there to start testing. Although I’ve been using it myself during the development (and continue to do so), there are no guarantee’s for using the bot.

The next version of the bot will include (some of) the following features:

  • New strategies: UPTREND and ACCUMULATE.
  • Include STOPLOSS functionality for strategies where it can be applied.
  • Ability to set a ‘keep minimum amount’ to not use the complete balances in your wallet.
  • Improve GRID strategy to adapt to market changes (if the market moves to radically it can move outside of the range of the grid).

Please try it out and give me feedback on any problems or improvements you’d like to see. Happy trading peopl!!

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