MortyBot v0.2 available

Hey everybody, first off apologies that it’s been a bit silent here lately. I’ve been busy with life, work and doing quite a bit of coding for the TN network. Remember that trading competition where top traders got a reward for their trades? Yeah, that was me that created the script for that. 🙂

We’re doing a lot of exciting stuff for the TN network, so be on the lookout for cool new features soon!

But let’s get back to the business at hand: MortyBot v0.2 is available!!!

You can still find it on GitHub here:

If you have no idea what i’m talking about, read the post about the v0.1 release here.

This new iteration has a few nice features that you’ll hopefully like and be able to use:

  • First a big thanks to @blahdieblah for finding and fixing bugs in MortyBot v0.1.
  • WAVES DEX support: just enter WAVES network details under [network] and [account] and you can also trade on the WAVES DEX.
  • UPTREND strategy: if it’s moving up, keep buying and selling at your set profitmargin, and if your STOPLOSS is hit, sell it.
  • MOVING_GRID strategy: addition to the previous GRID strategy, so that when the market moves up you’ll move along with it.
  • Small fixes & updates

If you want to start using the bot i recommend setting up a separate wallet and transfer a small amount of funds there to start testing. Although I’ve been using it myself during the development (and continue to do so), there are no guarantee’s for using the bot.

For the next version of the bot we will be working on the following additions (and hopefully get them all in this time):

  • New strategies: ACCUMULATE.
  • Ability to set a ‘keep minimum amount’ to not use the complete balances in your wallet.
  • Expand UPTREND strategy with fixed price targets and stoploss.
  • Add arbitrage ability to quickly buy / sell on one DEX and buy / sell on another.

Please try it out and give me feedback on any problems or improvements you’d like to see. Happy trading people!!

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