LPOS fixes and additions

Just wanted to post two fixes / additions for people that are using my LPOS Distribution from Windows or BoxiGod’s LPOS fork in general.

1. Fix for masspay.js

There’s a small bug in masspay.js since block 650000 which results in transactions not going through, the total fee is calculated too low.

To fix it (until BoxiGod updates the code) you need to change line 81 from

var txFee = config.fee + 1000000 * count;

to this

var txFee = config.fee + 1000000 * (count + 1);

2. How to exclude addresses from LPOS distribution

With a few programs going around where nodes can get lessors that don’t want to be paid (like @BlackTurtle leasing 100k $TN to smaller nodes), i’ve made an addition to appFastNGHOLD.js to account for that.

We need to add the list of addresses we want to exclude from payments. To do that add the following code around line 41:

excludeListTN: ['3JqAYiRnuiJxdMVmdTUsxuTV39LXHR5JWXk'], // put here address, which won't get TN distributed to them

You can change, or add more addresses here if you want.

Then to actually exclude these addresses from payment add the following code on line 282:

        if (config.excludeListTN.includes(address)) {
            console.log(address + ' excluded');
            payments[address] = 0;

And voila, now you can keep more $TN for the node itself 😀

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